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Product Details

​​​B1X-GE  Bulk, Single-Deck, Extended Depth, High Volume Merchandiser with Glass Front for Products such as Meats, Cheeses, Deli and Bulk Produce

Features / Benefits

  • Great for high volume, fast turn-around applications
  • 46" deep front to back, compared to 42" in a standard M1X single deck model
  • For hams, whole smoked meats, cheese blocks and other large, pre-packaged items
  • Heavy-duty display pans and product stops can handle the weight and rapid movement of large items
  • Energy efficient "E" coils  standard
  • Superior temperature performance and stability throughout the display area
  • Good clearance under case for easy cleaning
  • Easy-to-clean bathtub bottom
  • Coil in back wall for better sanitation in case bottom
  • Easy raceway access
  • 5 year modular coil warranty

Options Include

  • Stainless Steel Interior Kit
  • Heavy-Duty Metal Display Pans
  • Stainless Steel Display Pans
  • Streamline or Contour Styling
  • Telescoping Wire Shelf
  • Contoured Ends
  • Diamond Plate Ends
  • Various shelves, racks, paint and bumper colors