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C2NX-XLP, C2NX-XLGP Discontinued

Product Details


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C2NX-XLP  Convertible, Narrow Footprint, Extra 55” Height, Low Front, High Efficiency Plus Coil
C2NX-XLGP  Convertible, Narrow Footprint, Extra 55” Height, Low Front with Glass
Available in 8’ and 12’ lengths.

Superior Merchandising The narrow footprint saves floorspace. The XLGE model has a glass front. The XLP and XLGP models have a higher efficiency coil. All models provide quick, easy shopping access and merchandise a wide variety of refrigerated foods. Ideal for grab-n-go meals or other high margin prepared food selections.
Superior Shelf Life Modular coils and off-time defrost work to reduce thermal shock and stabilize product temperatures, resulting in better freshness and longer shelf life. Modular defrost (optional) can further stabilize temperatures.
Lower Labor Costs Labor saving features include greater clearance under the case, easy-to-clean bathtub bottom with no coil in the bottom of the case, easier raceway access, 2-ft honeycomb sections and more.