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P2NX-E, P2NX-EP Interrumpido



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P2NX-E Produce, 2-Deck, Narrow Footprint, Excel, Low Energy
P2NX-EP Produce, 2-Deck, Narrow Footprint, Excel, Extra-High Efficiency
Available in 8’ and 12’ lengths.

Superior Merchandising

The P2NX creates an appealing wall of produce in both single and two deck configurations. It has a narrow footprint, which saves floor space. Superior display options include full vision glass ends, illuminated canopy signs, improved ledge lighting and more.

Lower Energy Costs

Energy efficient “E” coils are standard on the P2NX. The

“highest efficiency” E-Plus coils are optional, reducing energy

costs by about 18%. Optional night curtains will further

reduce energy by about 12%.

Superior Shelf Life

Modular coils and off-time defrost reduce thermal shock

and stabilize product temperatures. Modular defrost, optional,

further stabilizes temperatures.

Lower Labor Costs

Labor saving features include greater clearance under the

case, easy-to-clean bathtub bottom with no coil in the

bottom of the case, easier raceway access, 2-ft honeycomb

sections and more.