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Product Details

​​​​RFLTM Reach-In, Freedom Line, Low Temp, Extra Tall, Maximized Performance​
Comes in 2, 3, 4, and 5 Door​s

Features and Benefits

  • Freedom Line cases provide the flexibility of field-installed refrigeration on top of case or from a remote location.
  • The RFLTM is an extra tall reach-in case designed for maximum energy savings, refrigeration performance and merchandising impact.
  • Suitable for heavy shopping environments.
  • Superior energy efficiency.
  • Excellent product temperature consistency throughout the refrigerated space.
  • Now allows use of 26” shelves, increasing merchandise pack-out.
  • Coil now mounted in case bottom for larger cubic capacity.
  • Bottom deck is nearly 22” deep for optimal merchandise pack-out.
  • Front-to-back case dimension, including rear air gap, is no larger than previous RLT and RMT models.

Options Include

  • Up to 26” shelves now available for these models.
  • Various shelves, racks, lighting, paint, and bumper colors.
  • Innovator, Innovator I LE, and Innovator III doors available.
  • Top-mounted or remote refrigeration.