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​​​​​RLNE - Reach-In, Low Temp, Narrow Front-to-Back Dimension End Case​

Features and Benefits


  • A line-up using the RLNE end case can save up to 7-1/8” in length per end compared with the same line-up using an RLN for the end case. This 7-1/8” reduction in length is made up of:
    • No back brace or air gap = 4”
    • No end panel, thin partition = 1-3/4”
    • Flat front option = 1-3/8”
  • With the RLNE on both ends, you can save up to 14-1/4” in length compared with the same line-up using RLN end cases.
  • There is no stand-off frame on the back of the RLNE. It is attached directly to the end of the reach-in line-up with a thin partition.
  • The RLNE can be used as an end for back-to-back RL or RLN line-ups.
  • It can be used as an end case for an RLNI line-up.
  • When used with one row of RL or RLN cases, dry shelving can be used on the back of the line-up.

Options Include

  • Standard or flat front.
  • Various shelves, racks, lighting, paint and bumper colors.
  • Innovator, Innovator II or Innovator III doors available.​

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