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Panasonic Group Human Rights and Labour Policy

The Panasonic Group ("Panasonic") recognizes that its mission is to contribute to the realization of "an ideal society with both material and spiritual affluence" through its business activities. We tackle with global environmental issues and help people gain comfort, peace of mind, well-being and happiness in various aspects of their "lifestyle" and "workstyle".

Based on the belief that a company with a mission belongs not only to itself but also to society, Panasonic considers that "a company is a public entity of society". As Panasonic is entrusted by society with assists such as human resources, capital, and materials for its business activities, we must contribute to society by making the most of these resources and creating value from our activities.

Panasonic's business activities are supported by many people, including our employees, customers who use our products and services, suppliers, and business partners, which are involved in procurement, manufacturing, sales, and other business operations. As a public entity of society, we cannot allow ourselves to develop at the expense of these people. We believe that developing together with society through transparent and fair business practices will lead to the improvement of people's lifestyles and the development of society.

Panasonic hereby establishes the Panasonic Group Human Rights and Labour Policy and is committed to fulfilling our social responsibilities of contributing to the well-being and happiness of all these people.


Responsibility to Respect Human Rights

Panasonic complies with all applicable laws and regulations in its in its business activities and supports internationally recognized human rights, such as those expressed in the "International Bull of Human Rights" and the International Labour Organization's (ILO's) " Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work", and promotes initiatives for the prohibition of all forms of forced labor, the effective freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining. as well as sage and healthy working environment.

Panasonic faithfully strives to prevent human rights abuses in its business activities and to address any adverse human rights impacts if they occur. When adverse human rights impact by our suppliers, customers, or business partners are linked to our business, products, or services, we will seek ways to honor the principles of internationally recognized human rights when faced with conflicting requirements.


Human Rights Due Diligence

Panasonic will continuously implement and improve its "human rights due diligence" system, in accordance with the "United Nations Guiding on Business and Human Rights. The system is intended to identify, prevent, and mitigate adverse human rights impacts related to our business activities, products, services, and transactions, and also to explain how we address these impacts to relevant stakeholders.

Our business operations and business relationship with large numbers of customers and suppliers, direct or indirect, may change over time and human rights risks may change over time as well. Therefore, we will observe Panasonic entities and their value chains on an on-going basis to identify the area's most at risk for adverse human rights impacts and areas where we will have leverage to address them. We will prioritize these areas in our human right's due diligence.

In particular, with regard to our procurement activities that pose an increased risk of human rights abuses, we will strengthen dialogue with our suppliers, enhance the effectiveness of our human right's due diligence with their understanding and supports, and seek to prevent or mitigate human rights risks not only at our direct suppliers but also in our supply chain as a whole.

To address adverse human rights impacts and to continuously improve our efforts, Panasonic will engage in dialogue, discussion, and collaboration with relevant internal and external stakeholders. We will also disclose these efforts through our corporate website and related reports another communication channels.


Access to Remedy

To ensure that complaints about human rights abuses are addressed promptly, Panasonic will encourage use of its whistle-blowing system, and also participate in grievance mechanisms provided by government agencies, business associations, and other organizations. We shall strictly maintain the confidentially of such reports, prohibit adverse treatment of whistleblowers or other impacted individuals, and communicate prompt with them in order to provide a possible remedy.


Realization of a Rewarding Work Environment

Panasonic aims to realize that the diverse human resource entrusted to us by society can fully demonstrate their individuality and feel fulfilled in their work. The safety and health of each employee is an essential element for achieving this goal. Hence, we will create secure, healthy, a s well as highly psychologically safe working environment by eradicating occupational accidents, preventing harassment, paying adequate wages, realizing work-life balance, promoting DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion), and providing opportunities for personal growth.


Education, Review and Improvement

Panasonic will provide all employees with appropriate education and training on this policy. We will ensure that this policy is integrated into all of our business activities and is effectively implemented and embedded. This policy and its implementation will be continuously reviewed and improved with the advice of outside experts.