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Innovating the business of food retail

Our sole focus is helping customers stay on top their food retail game. From product design and retail optimization to installation, service and aftermarket support, count on Hussmann to solve your needs – today, tomorrow and beyond.

Our value proposition: forward-thinking and customer-focused

We proudly serve the food retailing industry with the most customer-focused solutions. That is the Hussmann promise. 

Through innovative thinking and a full range of integrated products and services, we help our partners improve their shoppers’ lives by making it simpler and more enjoyable to prepare and share better meals. 

The Hussmann team is relentlessly dedicated to our customers’ success. We enable excellence in food retailing by providing exceptional service and expertise in merchandising, energy efficiency and sustainability, food quality and integrity, refrigeration, design and engineering, service and installation, and retail performance optimization. 

Our core values are Passion, Perspective and Performance. We are passionate about helping our customers work better and smarter. With our years of experience, proven track record and an eye towards the future, we bring a unique perspective to food retail, recognizing opportunities and capitalizing on industry trends. Our commitment to delivering superior value and measurable results drives our business performance and, ultimately, yours.
Hussmann reliability is more than a pledge. It’s our most important deliverable.

An integrated partner you can rely on

For more than a century, we have supported our food retailer partners with personalized service and best-in-class offerings that enable growth and lasting relationships with shoppers. From the largest retail chains and regional supermarkets to dollar and drug stores and family-owned specialty markets, our business is helping your business succeed.

Hussmann reliability is more than a pledge. It’s our most important deliverable. From design, testing, store equipment planning and installation all the way through to service, parts and ongoing support, we’re squarely focused on improvement to ensure that you receive the best products and services for the lifetime of your investment.

Reliability is built into our process. It starts with our development cycle – we seek customer input through all steps of product design and engineering. Our solutions are engineered to withstand the daily rigors of your retail environments, giving you smooth operations and peace of mind. We conduct over 500,000 hours of performance, structural and component testing each year in both lab and field environments to ensure the value of your equipment over its total lifecycle.

And we’re here for you after install, standing behind our products and services. From preventative maintenance to quick service, we work to minimize downtime, so your business runs efficiently. Hussmann parts are simple to order and provide like-for-like replacement of existing parts, keeping your stores looking great and your equipment operating at peak performance.

Inspiring energy efficiency and sustainability

As the food retail arm of Panasonic, we share the global technology leader’s mission of moving lives forward. We believe that technology should inspire and amaze us, and we are always working to find new solutions that bring about a better world. 

Recent Panasonic research shows that although the food retail sector has been slower than other industries to adopt disruptive technologies, it is poised for change. In fact, some companies are already using technology to maximize efficiency and improve the customer experience.

Among the next-gen solutions being explored are renewable energy, AI, robotics and autonomous – 4 of the 10 leading disruptive technologies expected to generate trillions in economic value in the decade ahead. Panasonic is deeply engaged in these technologies. We believe that connecting them into integrated solutions is essential to creating entirely new experiences. 

This includes developing innovations that reduce our carbon footprint and protect our environment. 

In all areas of our company, from the equipment we design and build, to the services we provide, to our internal processes, we are focused on improving energy efficiency and reducing refrigerant emissions in our display cases and refrigeration systems.
We’re investing in natural refrigerants and have introduced refrigerated cases with 99% less environmental impact.
As more people enjoy modern grocery shopping globally, up to a quarter of greenhouse gases could come from refrigeration technology. That’s why we’re investing in natural refrigerants, as well as energy-efficient products that effectively merchandise healthy food choices in stores. Recently, we introduced refrigerated cases with 99% less environmental impact.

Hussmann has been leading the way in energy efficiency for decades, and we offer retail optimization services to help our partners lower energy use and costs throughout their operations. We proudly support the U.S. EPA GreenChill Partnership in its efforts to recognize food retailers that reduce refrigerant emissions and decrease their impact on the ozone layer and climate change.

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