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M1XL-GE, M1X-XGE Discontinued

Product Details


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M1XL-GE  Single-Deck, Low Temp (Frozen Meat), Glass Front

M1X-XGE Single-Deck, Extra Tall Back, Glass Front

Available in 8’ and 12’ lengths.

Excellent Merchandising

Easy reach and a wide open deck create an effective M1X merchandising platform in applications requiring single-deck meat display. A glass front option increases the visibility of your meat products.

Superior Shelf Life

Modular coils and off-time defrost reduce thermal shock and stabilize meat temperatures, resulting in fresher meats and longer shelf life. Modular defrost can be optionally included to further stabilize temperatures.

Lower Labor Costs

Labor saving features include greater clearance under the case, easy-to-clean bathtub bottom, easier raceway access, 2-ft honeycomb sections and more.

Superior Reliability

Our five year modular coil warranty is the best available. Pre-set adjustable expansion valves are designed to hold optimal temperatures.