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Product Details

​​​ME5X Ultra-Efficient Meat Case

ME5X-P Ultra-Efficient Meat Case
ME5X-GP Ultra-Efficient Meat Case with Glass Front

Features / Benefits

  • Ultra-efficient meat merchandiser saves 12% or more in energy costs
  • Provides more consistent temperature stability which helps prolong shelf life
  • Five deck with center air discharge display shelf
  • EcoShine II LED lights on all shelves
  • Micro ban® antimicrobial protection on all shelves
  • May be used for produce
  • Superior temperature performance and stability throughout the display area
  • Good clearance under case for easy cleaning
  • Easy-to-clean bathtub bottom
  • Coil in back wall for better sanitation in case bottom
  • Easy raceway access
  • 5 year modular coil warranty

Options Include

  • Various ends, shelves, racks, lighting, paint and bumper colors
  • Glass front
  • Streamline or contour styling
  • Illuminated canopy signs
  • Rail lights