Product details

SMGB Self-Contained, Single-Pane Curved Glass Case bwith Gravity Coil and Small Blower Coil for Meat and Deli
SSGB Self-Contained, Single-Pane Curved Glass Case with Gravity Coil and Small Blower Coil for Seafood​

Available in 8’ length only. Contact your sales rep for information on possible availability of additional case lengths.​

Advanced Design

These case models incorporate advanced features and benefits, including modular

coils, superior energy efficiency, modular case design, durable bumper, factory

pre-adjusted expansion valves, and seamless polystyrene “bathtub” bottoms for

quick, easy cleaning. Both are self-contained for plug and play operation.

Easy to Work

Front glass tilts up for easy stocking and cleaning. 10½” stainless flat

non-movable top is standard. A large 20” rear door opening has an increased angle

to improve reach and ergonomics. Options include mezzanine shelves, display racks,

scale stands, thermometers and wrapping boards.

NSF Certified

Both models have been NSF Certified to ANSI/NSF standard 7.


Case Department Deli, Meat, Seafood
Case Function Service
Case Temperature Medium Temp
Case Type Multi-Deck, Self-Contained