E2, E3  

Product details

E2, E3 Self-Serve, Multi-Deck Displays for Deli, Pizza, Floral, Fresh Juice

E2  Self-serve, three-level display (2 shelves plus bottom deck)
E3 Self-serve, four-level display (3 shelves plus bottom deck)

Features / Benefits

  • Perfect styling, performance and display capacity for lower height specialty merchandising
  • For deli products, pizza, floral, fresh juice and more
  • Dramatic appearance with uncompromising attention to detail is a hallmark of Elite
  • Superior temperature performance and stability throughout the display area
  • Excellent energy efficiency and refrigeration performance
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Coil in back wall for better sanitation in case bottom

Options Include

  • Various shelves, racks, lighting, paint and bumper colors​
Case Department Deli, Prepared Foods, Dairy, Floral, Meat
Case Function Self-Service
Case Temperature Medium Temp
Case Type Elite, Multi-Deck