E2S, E2V

Product details

E2S  Self-Serve, Three-Level
E2V  Self-Serve, Four-Level
Available in 8’ and 12’ lengths.

Merchandising Excellence.


The E2S and E2V create highly flexible merchandising opportunities tailored to your creative needs. These multilevel, self-serve designs can present grab-n-go meals, deli products, pizza, cheeses, and much more. The E2V is taller, allowing additional row of shelves.​

Elite Styling.


Dramatic appearance with uncompromising attention to detail is a hallmark of Elite. The E2S and E2V bring this heightened style sense to your specialty shopping​ environment in a self-serve, multi-deck platform.

Case Department Deli, Prepared Foods, Meat
Case Function Self-Service
Case Temperature Medium Temp
Case Type Elite, Multi-Deck