Product details

Excellent visibility and shopper access.​

  • French doors with no center mullion provide outstanding view of products from every angle.​
  • EcoShine II LED lighting is designed to optimize lighting impact with EcoVision doors.
  • Products sparkle behind these doors, creating merchandising and illumination advantages compared to open multi-deck cases.​
  • New ultra-thin door perimeter and handle design provides greater merchandise visibility.​
  • Gray and black color options now available. (Color selection comes with matching trim, handles, frames and mullions.)​
  • Narrow 24” french doors help preserve aisle space and improve peak traffic flow.​
  • New concave wiper design reduces door-to-door interference, maximizes energy savings, and helps keep glass moisture-free.​


Outstanding energy reduction opportunity.

  • EcoVision Doors now reduce refrigeration energy use by up to 82% compared to open multi-deck cases.​
  • No heat is required in the doors or frames, keeping energy costs low. This is made possible with our advanced, no-heat frame and dual pane glass pack.​
  • Switching from fluorescent to EcoShine II LED lighting can provide additional energy savings.
  • Rebates or incentives may be available from your local utility company for upgrading your existing equipment to reduce energy use.​


Enhanced reliability and door performance.

  • Updated door design has been tested to 99% reliability at 10 years. Component testing has exceeded 1.4 million cycles.​
  • New door hold-open design is not only highly reliable, but allows the doors to open, stay open, and close with little effort.​
  • Door hold-open also allows for full access to four feet of shelving for easy stocking and cleaning.​
  • New split rail design allows doors to be mounted, aligned, and adjusted easily. Doors swing and close smoothly with minimal adjustment.​