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Product Details

Pump Station is part of a medium temperature secondary refrigeration system that uses water and a 30-35% propylene glycol mixture to cool the refrigeration loads. A central direct expansion system with a low HFC charge is used to cool the glycol mixture. 

Standard Features and Benefits:

  • Up to 70% lower refrigerant charge than a central direct expansion system
  • Up to 50% carbon footprint reduction
  • Leak rates as low as 10%
  • Up to 10% installed cost reduction
  • More cost-effective equipment sizing due to pumps on a separate assembly from the heat exchangers, which are mounted on the rack
  • Glycol pumps sized according to the flow rate
  • Heat exchangers can be sized independently by the loads
  • Control inputs match rack control brands
  • Accepts multiple brands of pumps and expansion valves
  • Increased reliability due to fewer components
  • Easy to install and service

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