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Product details

The Compact Distributed Refrigeration System by Hussmann (CDRH) is your outdoor rack solution designed, engineered, and manufactured for your specific needs and applications. The CDRH is highly versatile with many features and options that are ideal for:

  • Large supermarkets
  • Industrial cold storage
  • Warehouses
  • Large convenience stores



  • Capacities up to 600K BTU/H
  • Lengths ranging from 178 to 477 inches, 84 inch height with 2 suction groups
  • Provides a compact enclosure with double stacked compressors and built-in receiver
  • Reduces the need for UV coating by enclosing most of the suction line components
  • Designed with a large single electrical enclosure and skins
  • Service-friendly access to compressors, receivers, and other components through two hinged-doors
  • Features shut-off circuit switches to compressors during maintenance
  • Multiple condenser configurations range from 2x2 to 2x6 for both Emerson and Bitzer compressors
  • Accessible filter drier and components for service and adjustments

Options Available: 

  • Up to 7 large K5 Emerson scroll compressors or up to 6 Bitzer 15 HP compressors
  • Through the door disconnect
  • Heat reclaim
  • Replaceable oil filter
  • 6 receiver size kits available
  • Multiple controls including Emerson’s E2 or E3, Danfoss SM800A, MicroThermo, and Novar
  • Levitor tube and fin OR Microchannel condensers
  • Electrical sub kits - Installed compressor VFDs, ship loose disconnect switches, etc.
  • Electrical panel and enclosure light options available for better field service visibility
  • Sub-cooler
  • Suction filters including steel or brass
  • Split condenser with 3-way valve for winter usage and heat reclaim applications
  • Ball valves for servicing
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New store installations with refrigerated systems for California beginning 1/1/2022 must not exceed 50 lbs of charge and use a refrigerant below 2,200 GWP. Systems greater than 50 lbs charge require refrigerants below 150 GWP. Existing store compliance for CA requires a reduced weighted average GWP of refrigerants used to less than 1,400 GWP for the fleet by 2030 or a 55% reduction of overall GHGP (charge not relevant).

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