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Warranty Claims Filing Guidelines


  • Warranty Claims must be submitted no more than 45 days after the warranty repair was performed (this is 45 days total, not 45 working days). Any warranty claim submitted more than 45 days past the repair date will not be considered for warranty coverage.
  • If the claim is denied or rejected due to policy guidelines, the claim may be “appealed” within 30 days of the denial date; if the sales or a Hussmann representative has agreed to re-process or valid required information provided! (In some instances, it may require a new claim to be submitted.) No appeals will be considered after the 30 days from denial.
  • Processors will often return claims to the submitters due to improper submission, missing attachments, information, etc. The system will generate an email to the submitter letting them know the claim has some type of required action (as long as the email subscription has not been turned off).  It is the submitters responsibility to manage their claims.  When a claim is returned; the submitter has 30 days to respond.  If no action is taken by the submitter, the claim will auto-deny and close.  Again, the system will notify the submitter of the closure.

**Note- Service providers must file the claim- Final End customers will not be set up in the claims system for filing


  • Machine Claims (standard warranty claims): Standard warranty claims are submitted to the Hussmann OEM Warranty Claims department when a repair is to be considered warranty during the original warranty period covering the affected part.
  • Field Modification Claims (campaign): A field modification claim is used when proactive servicing is deemed necessary for a specific group of equipment. There is a Field Modification Bulletin issued by Hussmann Corporation and providers/contractors are requested by Hussmann to complete the Field modifications under those bulletin guidelines.


Hussmann has a labor claim system called Tavant Warranty Management System (TWMS) which all Channel Partners and Service Providers must be set up in and provided log-in information to submit their own warranty claims. **Note- Service providers must file the claim- Final End customers will not be set up in the claims system for filing. 

If you already have access to Hussmann TWMS, you may submit all your claims directly into the system and attach the items mentioned above in the claims directly. The website address is:

If you are unsure if you have access or need a log in, please contact the Hussmann Warranty Department:
Email: [email protected]

Claim Filing Guidelines:

Below are a few requirements that will assist in facilitating the timely processing of your claims.

You must submit the following for a claim:

  1. Itemized invoice:
    • Must detail all costs associated with the repair (if applicable – broken out into categories for labor, parts, etc.).
    • Must be billed to Hussmann and submitted in $USD.
    • Date of failure and Repair
    • If job was subbed out, a copy of the that providers tickets are required—showing tech notes and their itemization
  2. Service Technician work/job ticket:
    • Must show all serial number(s) for the case(s) or equipment repaired.
    • If the claim is for a compressor replacement; you must provide the old and new Serial number and model of the compressor, in addition to the case/equipment serial numbers.
    • If the claims if for doors/frames on equipment; you must provide the door/frame #’s in addition to the case/equipment serial numbers.
    • Detailed information of the Problem found (bad/broken/ doesn’t work, or a “Hussmann rep met us here “ is not acceptable.) We need to know what is wrong with the case/equipment.
    • Detailed information of the work performed. (fixed, completed, or “fixed like Hussmann told us to” is not acceptable) We need to know what work was performed.
    • Any additional comments/information/ or notes that you feel would be helpful
  3. Receipts for parts:
    • Parts over $50 require a receipt to be attached to the claim.
    • Mark-ups are not allowed.
  4. Supporting Documents and Information:
    • Copies of emails/documentation and/or name of Hussmann representative if involved/applicable will help expedite processing of the claim.
    • Photos, if available
    • Proof of Installation and Purchase of the extended warranty purchases must be provided for claims being filed outside the standard Hussmann OEM Warranty policy terms.
  5. Hussmann Standard Labor Hours Guidelines:

Hussmann does have standard labor guidelines for components by equipment type.  Please refer to this document for the hours allowed per policy:


After claim is filed:

Once your claim is submitted, the Hussmann OEM warranty team will receive your claim for review.  The OEM warranty team works on a First-In-First-Out method.  Once the processor has completed reviewing the claim and gathering details and information the claim will be processed. The processor will do one of the following:

  • Paid in Full
  • Paid in Partial (provide reason for partial payment)
  • Denied in Full (provide reason for denial)

Balances not being covered under OEM warranty are sent to the Hussmann sales rep of the customer account to consider/ review the balance should there any special or extended coverages they offer or if they pre-authorized coverage to you as a service provider.  Sales will do one of the following:

  • Pay balance in Full
  • Pay balance in Partial (provide reason for partial
  • Deny balance (provide reason for denial.

Once the full review is completed, any claims with full or partial payment are sent over to corporate finance to make the actual payments per the information on your account for warranty invoices and per the terms set on the account.  Once the payment is made, the payment transaction number/check number, amount, and pay date feeds back into the claim system and officially closes the claim.  At that time, the system will send an email notification to the submitter of the claim, advising of the closing.

The system provides 24-hour access 7 days a week to manage claims and status; including seeing who has your claim at Hussmann. 


Remittance statements for Hussmann OEM warranty claims are sent out weekly.

  • These statements will be sent for fully accepted, partially accepted, and denied warranty claims. (sent weekly for any claims that have closed)
  • The statements are sent to all emails listed on the account in our claim system.
  • Hussmann does not call or email persons individually to advise them of a partially paid or denied claim. These remittance statements serve that purpose.
  •  For the Service Providers/contractors convenience, the warranty system is available 24-7 for users to look up their claims and status (for those who have access).

If you need additional emails to be added to the remittance list (example: finance team/accounts team, etc.); contact the Hussmann OEM Warranty Claims Department to have your account updated


Training Materials for the TWMS system are online and there is a link within the TWMS system that will take you to the online training materials as well:  (this training total is 54 minutes, but is broken into small segments)