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Warranty Frequently Asked Questions

1 Q What is needed to file a warranty claim with Hussmann?
A Please refer to the Hussmann Warranty Claim Guidelines for current requirements.






What is the filing Policy Time limitation with Hussmann?

A All warranty claims must be filed within 45 days from the repair date.






Is there an appeal process on claim partially paid or denied?

A Yes; however, the claim must be appealed within 30 days from date of denial/partial acceptance, and a qualified Hussmann Sales approver must agree to cover before appealing claim.






How many times may a claim be appealed?

A A claim may only be appealed once—full, detailed and additional information must be presented at the time of the appeal.






Why won't all of my serial #'s be allowed on a single claim?

A There may be several reasons: different models, manufacturing locations, manufactured year, different end customer location






What do I do if the serial number is not in the claim system?

A 1. Have your technician or customer verify the serial number on the unit.
2. Contact the warranty administrator for serial number verification and it will be uploaded if valid.






I have an Service Request Authorization (SR) or email approval from a Hussmann representative, but my claim was denied. Why?

A Either the SR or email approval wasn't attached to the claim, or the scope of work filed wasn't within the approval of the agreement. Also, an SR doesn't mean the entire claim amountwill be paid. If it is outside the allowable warranty, balances not covered by Hussmann would need to be reimbursed by the End Customer of the unit.






I submitted a Field modification claim, but it was denied or partially paid. Why?

A If fully denied, it was not within the policy guidelines of Hussmann or Field Modification. If partially denied, it most likely exceeds the parameters and guidelines of the allowable charges in the Field Mod Bulletin.






I submitted a claim and it was denied or partially paid and I don't know why.

A Hussmann allows service providers full access to their accounts to see all claims/invoice information. We also provide remittance statements to providers twice each month. These statements go to the email of record for that account. If you need access to your account, or need to verify and update your email for the statements, contact the warranty administrator.






What is the expected time for a service provider to receive payment, once the claim is submitted into the warranty system?

A Hussmann pays on a Net 30 pay term based on the date the claim was entered, with checks issued twice a month. The average time is 45 days. However, if the information required to process the claim is not provided, it may require additional time beyond the 45 days for provider to receive payment.






What are the forms of payment for warranty claims?

A Within the United States, checks are the form of payment, outside the U.S., wire payments are made.






Do I file new construction or install invoices in the warranty claim system?

A No. All new construction or install work should be billed through whomever hired you to do the work.






I bought a local purchased part for a Hussmann unit or I was charged freight for a part. What is required for me to get reimbursed?

A A claim will need to be filed. The serial number and the part receipt must be attached to the claim for reimbursement consideration. The only parts applicable to this are "refrigeration" items; i.e., valve, coils, timers, relays, etc. This doesn't cover electrical or structural items unless written authorization from a Hussmann warranty representative is provided at time of claim. Hussmann only covers freight on warranty parts that are shipped standard. Expedited freight or freight associated with parts not under warranty is not reimbursable from Hussmann.






Who do I call if my case is not working?

A You should contact your installer or the Hussmann Contact Center






I am a service provider and I need to know if a unit is under warranty/need tech support.

A Go throughHussmann Warranty Tech Support.



I worked on a rack system connected to a rooftop condenser. Which serial numbers do I use to file my claim?

A If the rack system, itself, was broken, you use that number. If the issue was with the condenser unit, you must file with that number. If you repaired on both, you will file two (2) claims referring both issues for reference.






I replace doors on a piece of Hussmann equipment. What serial #'s do I use to file my claim?

A For a regular case, you use the case serial number (and provide door/frame number in the notes; for a walk-in unit, you use the door serial/frame serial numbers.






What is the causal part on a claim?

A This is the main part number that caused a technician to have to service the unit.






Is refrigerant covered?

A No. Hussmann does not pay for any refrigerant.






Is travel covered?

A No. Hussmann does not pay for any travel.






May admin charges be applied for entering own claims?

A No. Hussmann does not pay for any administrative fees.






Does Hussmann pay for diagnostics?

A No. Hussmann does not pay for diagnostic fees.






Will Hussmann pay Overtime/Double-time?

A Hussmann warranty does not pay for Overtime/Double-time unless preapproved by an authorized Hussmann Representative.






At what labor rates am I allowed to bill my warranty invoices at?

A When a Service Provider/Contractor is set up, the submitted labor rate is input into the system. This rate will be used on all warranty claims (regular or field modifications) submitted through Hussmann Warranty Department. All invoices should reflect that warranty labor.


My remote case/ refrigeration system shipped directly into storage.It was just installed and I have a warranty claim.Is my labor covered?

A Remote Cases and Refrigeration Systems labor warranty policy is 60 days from factory ship.However, for units that shipped into storage, the 60 days of labor will commence upon delivery to the customer site with proof of delivery date.This delivery date cannot exceed 120 days from factory ship date. The POD must be provided at the time the claim is submitted.Otherwise, the claim will be processed under the published warranty policy.See:Remote Cases and Refrigeration Systems Warranty

My new Hussmann cases have been in onsite storage for months.What can I use as POD if I do not have an official shipment document indicating when my cases were delivered or installed?
A POD (Proof of Delivery) such as a shipping document or BOL (Bill of Lading) from the carrier is required with all claims for labor after the 60 days, from factory shipment, have expired.However, in the rare instance that one cannot be secured, all factory-related equipment issues must be reported to a Hussmann FER (Field Equipment Representative) in order to obtain parts and/or verify the issue.Upon confirmation, the FER will generate a Service Request (SR), detailing the issue and its current status.The FER will also indicate the equipment ship date to the store or the installation date.The SR number should be provided to the service provider/contractor and must be included with the claim submission.

Do I need to provide the proof of delivery on all cases shipped to a storage warehouse?
A No, you only need to submit a proof of delivery if you file a warranty claim.
28 Q
Does this adjustment to the claims review process extend the warranty on parts?

No, the parts warranty remains 15 months from date of shipment from factory.

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