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Product Details

P4NX-EP Produce, 4-Deck, Narrow Footprint, Excel, Extra-High Efficiency

Available in 8’ and 12’ lengths. Contact your sales rep for information on possible availability of additional case lengths.​

Superior Merchandising

The P4NX-EP creates a dramatic, highly flexible display that can be used for a wide assortment of product types. It has a narrow footprint, which saves floor space. Superior display options include full vision glass ends, illuminated canopy signs and improved ledge lighting. This model also allows greater shelf placement flexibility.​

Lower Energy Costs

Energy efficient “E-Plus” coils are standard on the P4NX-EP. Optional night curtains will further reduce energy by ​about 12%.​

Superior Shelf Life

Modular coils and off-time defrost reduce thermal shock and stabilize product temperatures. Modular defrost, optional, further stabilizes temperatures.​