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Insight Hero

In designing Insight, we consulted with retailers and shoppers to find out what they needed most. We listened carefully to their “insights”, getting continuous feedback throughout the development process.

Creating a leading-edge display case platform that sets new standards in…

Food Quality and Case Performance

With Insight, we are improving temperature performance
to maximize food quality, freshness and shelf life.

Insight Temp

Structural Integrity

Integrated, foamed-in-place structural components
are far more robust than traditional external frame designs.


Insight Structural

  • More stable product temperatures to protect food freshness.
  • Substantially lower energy costs compared to other Hussmann models.
  • Superior LED lighting is standard.
  • Lift-up fan plenums and coils in back wall make cleaning and servicing easier.

Insight Promo Video

A new standard in display case technology.

Insight Cleaning Video

Insight merchandisers are easier to clean, easier to keep clean and easier service than other models.