Product details

D5XRRI, D5XRRIS Rear Roll-in Dairy Merchandisers

D5XRRI Rear roll-in dairy merchandiser
D5XRRIS Rear roll-in dairy merchandiser, suspended canopy

Features / Benefits

  • Stocks from the rear using roll-in milk racks
  • Reduces stocking time
  • Attached to walk-in cooler so milk remains cold
  • Curtains used behind the milk to reduce air currents and shield view
  • Coil and fan mounted in top section supported with open frame
  • Top section suspended from above, so frame supports not needed

Options Include

  • Various lighting, paint and bumper colors
  • Streamline and contour styling​
Case Department Dairy
Case Function Self-Service
Case Temperature Medium Temp
Case Type Multi-Deck