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Product details

Vertical Glass Multi Deck Service


  • DZC-V-R (Refrigerated): 4', 57", 75", 8' and 12'
  • DZC-V-D (Non Ref.): 4’, 57”, 75”, 8’ and 12’


  • Laminated exterior finish solutions to match your bakery decor
  • Clear glass top to improve product visibility and incase lighting
  • Large clear glass rear service door to improve ergonomics and allow easy access to products
  • Lift up front glass for easier stocking access and cleaning
  • Air sweep minimizes sweating for improved product visibility (DZC-V-R)
  • Insect deterrent fan (DZC-V-D)
  • Black interior (allows product to stand out)
  • EcoShine ULTRA LED front canopy lighting with 5 year warranty
  • Energy efficient fans


  • Painted or stainless steel exterior finish
  • Various bumper styles
  • Solid metal and glass shelving solutions
  • Shelf PTM • EcoShine ULTRA LEDs with 5 year warranty
    • Shelves
    • Ledge lights
    • Rear canopy lighting
  • 2-way mirrored glass rear service door
  • End panels (solid or view)
  • White or stainless steel interior

Delight Solutions

Key features

  • Part of full bakery department solution
  • Increase packout in a narrow footprint
  • Exceptional styling
  • Improved product visibility
  • Energy efficiency


A Full Bakery Department Solution with fully matching refrigerated and ambient displays

Delight family case array

 Create a Bakery Department Destination

Abundant décor and option solutions to match your store design and operational requirements

Delight Vertical Glass Service Case benefits


Specification Description
Case Department Bakery
Case Function Service
Case Temperature Medium Temp
Case Type Multi-Deck