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Product Details

P2X-E Single or Multi-Deck with “High Efficiency” Coil

P2X-EP Single or Multi-Deck with E-Plus “Extra-High Efficiency” Coil​

Available in 8’ and 12’ lengths. Contact your sales rep for information on possible availability of additional case lengths.​

Features / Benefits

  • The P2X creates an appealing wall of produce in both single and two deck configurations
  • Superior display features include full vision glass ends, illuminated canopy signs, improved ledge lighting and more.
  • Modular coils and off-time defrost reduce termal shock to foods
  • Good clearance under case for easy cleaning
  • Superior temperature performance and stability throughout the display area
  • Easy-to-clean bathtub bottom
  • Coil in back wall for better sanitation in case bottom
  • Easy raceway access


Options Include

  • Various ends, lighting, shelves, racks, paint and bumper colors
  • Illuminated canopy signs
  • Streamline and contour styling
  • Modular defrost
  • Night curtains