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Product Details

​​​​​​RFLN, RFMN Freedom Line Reach-In Cases
RFMN Freedom Line Medium Temperature Reach-In

Hussmann Freedom Line Reach-Ins provide all the merchandising power of a remote Supermarketreach-in, plus the flexibility of various refrigeration options and the mobility of a drainless case.​

Available Sizes:

  • 2, 3, 4, and 5 door models.
  • Can be connected to create line-ups.
    • ​Plexiglass partitions used between like temperature cases.
    • ​Solid partitions used between medium and low temp cases.
  • Fits through 36'' x 83'' doorway with easy removal of exterior parts.

Easy Installation:

  • No drains required.
  • Refrigeration lines are pre-charged and pre-piped to top of case with quick-connect, threaded couplings for easy condensing unit installation.
  • Pre-wired and labeled to simplify electrical connections.
  • Decorative facade conceals top-mounted refrigeration and electrical components

Large Display with Narrow Footprint

  • Full-size reach-in solution to increase product facings and improve sales.
  • More display capacity than typical self-contained models.
  • Narrow footprint keeps required floor space to a minimum.

Extremely Energy Efficient

  • Highly efficient design helps keep energy costs lower than other options.
  • Factory Installed Electronic Controls
  • Temperature and defrost controls.
  • Time clock.


  • Sound and visual temperature alarm.